2016 Officers and Directors

President: Jason Wenzel
1st Vice President: Emily Jane Murray
2nd Vice President: Becky O’ Sullivan
Recording Secretary: Jon-Simon Suarez

Membership Secretary: Pat Balanzategui
Treasurer: Joanne Talley
Directors: Bob Gross, Jen Knutson, Jim South
Immediate Past President: Theresa Schober
Journal Editor: Ramie Gougeon 
Newsletter Editor: Sarah Bennett

Committee Chairs

Annual Meeting 2018 – Jeff Moates & Liz Southard
Annual Meeting 2017 – Keith Ashley
Archive – Bob Gross
Audit/Budget – Joanne Talley
Awards – George Luer
Chapter Affiliation – Patty Flynn
Education – Jen Knutson
Nominating – Sarah Bennett

Institutional Liaisons

Florida Archaeological Council-FAC – Donna Ruhl
Florida Archaeology Month-FAM – Jeff Moates
Florida Public Archaeology Network-FPAN – Patty Flynn
Trail of Florida’s Indian Heritage – Laura Dean

Chapter Representatives

Archaeological Society of Southern Florida – Jim South
Central Florida Anthropological Society – Katherine Page
Central Gulf Coast Archaeological Society – Rebecca O’Sullivan
Emerald Coast Archaeology Society – Jess Palmer
Gold Coast Anthropological Society – Patty Flynn
Indian River Anthropological Society – Bob Gross
Kissimmee Valley Archaeology & Historical Conservancy – Anne Reynolds
Palm Beach County Archaeological Society – Dorothy Block
Panhandle Archaeological Society at Tallahassee – Julie Duggins
Pensacola Archaeological Society – Jen Knutson
St. Augustine Archaeological Association – Emily Jane Murray
Southeast Florida Archaeological Society – Linda Geary
Southwest Florida Archaeological Society – Theresa Schober
Time Sifters Archaeology Society – Sherry Svekis
Warm Mineral Springs/Little Salt Spring Archaeological Society – Steve Koski