Lazarus Award


This award was developed by the FAS Board of Directors in 1985. It is named for the late William Lazarus (1911-1965), who was a magazine editor, glider test pilot, aeronautics instructor, Army Air Force Colonel, and civil engineer (Lazarus 1934-1935, 1942, 1951). He also made significant contributions to the literature of Florida archaeology, site preservation, and education.

Lazarus was an active FAS member in the late 1950s to mid-1960s, serving in the Northwest Florida Chapter and as an FAS officer, including FAS President in 1961. He was instrumental in helping preserve the Fort Walton Temple Mound and in establishing the Fort Walton Temple Mound Museum (Florida Department of State 1998; Lazarus 1962; Lazarus 1990). His scholarly work led to recognition of the Elliot’s Point Complex (Fairbanks 1959), various studies of aboriginal sites and artifacts in the Florida panhandle (e.g., Lazarus 1960, 1961, 1965a, 1965b), dating of historic period bricks in the Pensacola area (Lazarus 1965c), and using coins to date some Fort Walton period deposits (Lazarus 1964, 1965d).

The Lazarus Award is designed to recognize members of FAS who exemplify the spirit and accomplishments of William Lazarus through their contributions to archaeology, preservation, and/or education as well as to FAS and the wider community. Nominations for the Lazarus Award must be made in writing by an FAS member to the current FAS President by the date of December 15 prior to the FAS Annual Meeting. The nominee must be a member of FAS and must not make her or his living through the practice of archaeology. The recipient is honored with a plaque at the Annual Banquet. The criteria for qualifications and implementation of the Lazarus Award are described in the FAS Operating Procedures Manual. DOWNLOAD THE PAGE HERE


2021Linda Allred
2020Charlie Strader
2018Joanne Talley
2016Frank Bushnell
2015David Burns
2014Nick McAuliffe
2012Steve Martin
2010Anne Reynolds
2002Jack Thompson
2000Dot Moore
1998Elizabeth L. “Connie” Franklin
1996Lyman O. Warren
1995b Walter H. Askew
1995a John G. Beriault
1993George M. Luer
1992b Tom and Mary Lou Watson
1992a Arthur R. Lee
1990Ben Waller
1989Dan Laxson
1988Harold Cardwell
1986Yulee Lazarus


As a longtime active member and officer of the Central Gulf Coast Archaeological Society (CGCAS), Linda Allred is involved in many field projects, conducts historical research, and regularly organizes public outreach events in the St. Petersburg area.
She has been involved in field, lab, and documentary research on numerous sites in Pinellas County, including Maximo Beach, Narvaez/Anderson, and Bayshore Homes, and Kuttler Mound, among others, and was instrumental in initiating long-term research at the latter two sites. Based in part on this research, the Kuttler Mound was purchased by the city of St. Petersburg and incorporated into its park system. Her educational displays highlight CGCAS activities and Florida archaeology and have been well received by the public for their educational and attractive content.
Historical research also has benefitted from Linda’s enthusiasm. She collects important historical facts about St. Petersburg and Pinellas County by studying antique post cards, early maps and aerial photographs, and archival newspapers. Linda also has worked closely with avocational archaeologists Lyman Warren and Frank Bushnell to record their reminiscences about early archaeology in Florida. Her extensive interview with Frank Bushnell was included in the grant-funded excavation report on Bayshore Homes.
Linda has served as the CGCAS President, Vice President, and Director, and is currently Chapter Secretary and field trip coordinator. In 2002, she received an FAS Certificate of Achievement for her enthusiastic work with CGCAS. In 2002 and 2008, Linda was involved in the planning and publicity of FAS Annual Meetings hosted by CGCAS. She currently assists in producing the CGCAS Bulletin, a twice-yearly publication for members that presents non-technical articles about Florida archaeology.
Linda is a strong advocate for site preservation in Pinellas County. She attends public meetings and contacts local representatives regarding preservation issues on a regular basis. It is an honor to recognize Linda Allred’s achievements and dedication to archaeology with the 2021 Lazarus Award.