Archaeological Society of Southern Florida

Archaeological Society of Southern Florida

The Archaeological Society of Southern Florida was established in 1949. We operate as a non-profit, volunteer organization which acts as a support mechanism for the office of the Dade County Archaeologist, serves as a focal point for local archaeology enthusiasts and professionals in the field, and helps to promote knowledge and appreciation of native archaeological and historical sites in the South Florida area.

1. Members of the Society agree to promote archaeological site preservation and conservation, to excavate only endangered sites as part of a qualified research group, to not excavate archaeological sites for the unscientific collecting of artifacts.
2. All artifacts and material Society projects are the property of the Society.

To provide a formal means by which individuals and institutions interested in archaeological and anthropological studies in South Florida and related areas may come together for mutual benefit.

Newsletter Editor: Joshua Marano

President: Joshua Marano
Vice President: Cesar Becerra
Treasurer: Brian Conesa
Secretary: Meryl Shriver-Rice
FAS Rep: Malachi Fenn

Directors: Sara Ayers-Rigsby, Frederick Hanselmann