Florida Archaeology Month


Every March, statewide programs and events celebrating Florida Archaeology Month are designed to encourage Floridians and visitors to learn more about the archaeology and history of the state, and to preserve these important parts of Florida’s rich cultural heritage. Plan to attend some of the many events throughout Florida during March. (We will post lists and links here as soon as they are available) Information about local events can be found on FAS chapter websites and social media. 

Florida Archaeology Month is coordinated by the Florida Anthropological Society, and supported by the Department of State, Division of Historical Resources. Additional sponsors for 2017 include the Florida Archaeological Council, Florida Public Archaeology Network, state and local museums, historical commissions, libraries, and public and private school systems. The 2017 poster is available through the local Florida Anthropological Society Chapters, and can also be acquired at your local Florida Public Archaeology Network center.

Engineers of the Mississippian Period FAM 2017
“Engineers are skillful, original thinkers who design and build complicated systems and structures. The Engineers of the Mississippian Period built vibrant communities shaped by achievements in landscape design, social systems, and extensive trade. Major world events would dramatically change life for Native Peoples in Florida, but their creative spirit lives on today.” Learn more about this year’s theme, and events, plus more.